Home Tour: Alison’s Dining Room

Home Tour: Alison’s Dining Roomby househomeon.Home Tour: Alison’s Dining RoomHey everyone – I picked my dining room to show you as my first sneak peek, mainly because it’s the most decorated room in the house, and I figure it’s best to let you think I’ve got my act together at the beginning (ha ha). With that being said, here it is! Now that you’ve […]

Hey everyone – I picked my dining room to show you as my first sneak peek, mainly because it’s the most decorated room in the house, and I figure it’s best to let you think I’ve got my act together at the beginning (ha ha). With that being said, here it is!


Now that you’ve seen it from all angles, let’s talk specifics.


Our table is from World Market, and found on sale after stalking it for weeks and weeks. It’s the Napa Dining Table, but it’s listed as out of stock on their website. We love the dark color, the bends and cracks, and the general vintage-esque look of it. It’s got personality, just like us, so it’s found its home. The only thing I don’t love are the little notched squares in each corner. It’s awfully hard to dig rice/oatmeal/whatever out of those…..

You can see the chairs are an assortment of some IKEA chairs we picked up from a friend and a couple I’ve found at thrift stores. This is an ongoing project for me, and my intention is to have all mismatched chairs painted in the same color (Annie Sloan’s chalk paint in Barcelona Orange). I love the look of the two I’ve finished, so I can’t wait to add more to the family!

On one of the long walls, I have 12 framed postcards in various colors frames. A project for my personal blog from a while back, I purchased this set of postcards from Fab.com, and then placed them in plain white mats into dollar store frames that I painted various colors. You can see the whole project breakdown on my old blog, where I used a lot more postcards. When we moved into this house, the wall space didn’t need so many, so I just picked some postcards that meant something to us. For examples, my husband is from St. Louis and we once swung by the Everglades during a before-we-had-kids vacation.

And speaking of the walls, I’m OBSESSED with this color. It’s Fossil Grey by Glidden, and a HUGE improvement over the pink walls our rental home came with:. We’ve painted the dining and grown-up living room this color, and I love how it looks different in all types of light. Sometimes grey, sometimes beige, it’s a fantastic neutral color.

I love this bay window we have going on, and for the holidays I strung up some big globe lights from Target that now I have decided to keep up all year round. You can see that I try to bring in a bit of the holidays when I can to add to the window decor. The lights are strung up with a few small hooks drilled into the wall.


Sitting on the window itself is a big metal letter “B” to represent our last name. This particular letter used to be a marquee, but I’ve turned it around to have the metal showing since there aren’t lights in it any more. I picked it up for $20 or so at a GIANT antique/thrift store in Prattsville, AL called Prattville Pickers.


The thing that finally made the dining room come together for me were the curtains. I underestimated how much curtains add to a room (though I am reminded every time I look at the curtainless living room next door – womp womp). These are a pickup from IKEA (The style is Ingerlise) held up with a curtain rod from Wal-mart. They are a bit long for my taste, but it hasn’t irritated me enough to fix yet. I love them because they frame the whole room, hide the wires for the lights, and keep the dog food bag out of view.

Hiding on the inside of the dining room is a framed poster from Peju Winery in Napa Valley. On our fake honeymoon (long story), we swung by Napa and fell in love with the wine from here, so I wanted to pick up a print so we always remember that trip – and the wine! Finally, Just above the wide door to the living room are four little mirrors. I’ve had these since college, and I can’t even remember where they are from, but I like to put them in whatever house we end up in. I think they are a bit much for this room, but I haven’t found a better place to put them, and these little guys aren’t hurting anyone, so they’re up here for now.

But even though it’s “finished” enough for a rental home, there are more things I’d like to do. I’ve love to buy a light to replace the one hanging up (and then take it with us when we go) or get one just like it (I really kinda like the shape of it) and spray paint it a pretty bright white or a dark bronze to change up the room a bit.

The chair rail is great and classy, but needs a bit of touchup, since whoever painted the house before didn’t even try to keep their paint off of it.

Our backyards is all woods, but in the winter you can see a few houses, so maybe we need some cool bamboo blinds in here?

Also, I think a nice tall inside plant would look good in one of the corners to fill the space and add a nice splash of color.

Thoughts? What would you do with this space? Are you a chalk paint convert? How do you deal with rental decor?

Stay tuned Friday for…..our first giveaway!


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